A Rose Pinned on Your Shirt
Original Lyrics in Vietnamese by Nguyen The My

A rose for you
A rose for me
A rose for those
Who still have a mother
Still have a mother, thus to be more joyful.

In case one day mother passes away
Then we’d be like a flower without the sun
Like children without smiles
Like not being wiser as we grow
Like the sky without the night stars.

Mother, mother is a gentle flowing creek
Mother, mother is an angel song
Is a cool shade up high
Is the bright shining moon
Is the torch in the lost night.

Mother, mother is a sweet sugarcane
Mother, mother is a bunch of bananas, of betel nuts
Is the sound of crickets,
Is the warm sunny strawberry field
Is the asset of love in life.

Then one evening day
I come back to gaze at my loving mother for a while
Then said to her
“Mum, oh mum, do you know…”
“Know what my dear?”
“… Know that I love you so”

A red rose has just been pinned on your shirt
A red rose has just pinned on my shirt
Then I ask you
Together be happy with me
Together be happy with me.

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