A trained mind brings happiness; an untrained mind brings suffering.

The Buddha

Our mind is like a wild horse carrying us in different directions, most of the time to our own detriment. We need to train and tame it so we can ride it in the direction that we want. MINDFULNESS is a wonderful strategy we can use to conquer this wild beast.

Mindfulness is a mental state of being aware of what is going on within you and around you in the present moment.

Mindfulness has scientifically been proven a powerful tool for productivity, healing and well-being. Originating from Buddhism, mindfulness has been taken on wholeheartedly by the West. It has grown exponentially in many areas of life from hospitals to schools, from sports to wellness, from individual practices to corporate management.


Vitality * Productivity * Happiness

Why HEART-MINDfulness?

While Western mindfulness-based approaches are beneficial in their own rights, they focus on the outer symptoms but do not address the underlying causes. Dealing with the roots of our deep unhappiness is the basis of Buddhism. HEART-MINDfulness reconnects mindfulness to its roots while making it relevant to modern daily life, easy to understand and simple to practice.

What is HEART-MINDfulness?

HEART-MINDfulness is a holistic, comprehensive and effective mind training system based on the two-wing approach of HEART and MIND, the four-step process POVA: Present, Observation, Value, Action™, the 5 Rs meditation formula: Recognize, Release, Relax, Reflect, Refresh™ and the Daily Action MIND GARDENING: Grounding, Weeding, Cultivating, Nurturing ™

The two wing approach of Heart and Mind

To free yourself from underlying worries, self-doubt and deep unhappiness and to feel free like a bird soaring in the sky, you need two wings: a wing of loving kindness and a wing of pure awareness.

Loving kindness is an altruistic and positive attitude to the well-being of yourself and others. It comes from the heart and manifests in your values, action and behaviour. Love gives life meaning and purpose as well as pleasure and happiness.

Pure awareness is a conscious state of mind that is associated with being non-judgmental, flexible and curious. Awareness leads to understanding, insight and wisdom so you can see the roots of your unhappiness. As Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh notes, wisdom is like “the sword that can cut through our sufferings.”

The combination of the two wings enables you to face life’s ups and downs with more equanimity, encounter less stress and confusion and experience more joy and inner peace.

Based on the Fundamental Practices of the Universal Healing Tao, powered with the HEART-MINDfulness™, the HEART-MINDful Qi Gong takes you through internal journeys into being one with yourself and the universe.

As you reconnect with your essence and learn to harness inner and outer energies, you grow to deepen and expand your loving consciousness of heart and mind.

It is a deeply transformative process whereby your whole being is becoming stronger, brighter and lighter overtime.

It is an on-going practice that will enable you to form new positive habits, become more resilient and enhance your vitality.

You learn to integrate the essence of the practice into daily work and life for peace, joy and happiness.

Qi Gong Fundamentals

The Qi Gong fundamentals include:


Breath, structure (ie posture) and grounding



Inner Smile



Microcosmic Orbit



Primordial Chi Kung 


7 Directional Toning



Healing Sounds



Five animal Qi Gong



Sexual and emotional health

The Ultimate Stress Buster Guide

Four Mindful Steps To Harness The Power of Your Mind for Inner Peace, Productivity and Happiness.

Five Minute Mindful Pause

Pause mindfully to release, relax and refresh - a guided meditation.

Coming Soon! 30 Day Jumpstart

30 Day Jumpstart to Mindful Success

A series of online group coaching and training to help you get started on your HEART-MINDful Journey to wellness, success and happiness.

Space is limited. Register your interest to be the first to receive special offers for the programme.

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