Body Whisper

Body Whisper

One-to-One Distant Intuitive Energy Healing



Empowering and supporting you to unleash your inner wisdom for self-healing, transformation and wellbeing.

Have you noticed that:

◆ When you are embarrassed, you blush,
◆ When you have a frightening thought, your heart is racing,
◆ When you feel sad, you cry.

We can see that there is an intimate and dynamic relationship between what is going on in your life, your thoughts and feelings with what happens in your body.

This has been scientifically proven.
Every cell of our being has wisdom, an ability to share information, which may come in the form of body sensations, colors, smells or ideas.
Listen to the messages your body is whispering to you!

What the Body Whisper Session Entails:

A HEART-MINDful Journey to Self-Healing, Transformation and Wellbeing

Lotus Nguyen takes you on a HEART-MINDful Journey, connecting deeply with your body so you can access your inner wisdom for your self-healing, transformation and wellbeing.

While you are not together physically, you will be connected in a deep energetic way throughout this journey.

Lotus will be working with you through a particular challenge or situation in your life. This may come in the form of a physical, emotional or spiritual issue, a relationship or work challenge, a major decision or transition you are facing.

Her role is to hold a safe and supportive space for you, tuning in with you at a cellular level as you allow yourself to drop in and explore your own inner landscape.

You listen for those cues of your body intelligence such as: images, sensations, colors, words, taste, temperature, allowing your body to guide you where you need to focus.

At times, you may experience uncomfortable feelings like body tension or emotional unease. But Lotus will be there with you, offering you total unconditional love, encouragement and support for you to explore the issue until you achieve clarity.

Lotus will be listening with you, at this deep level, following along with you on your journey, and offering options and questions for further exploration, while she is holding grounded, safe and supportive presence throughout your journey together.

The more you practice accessing your sensory system in this way, the process will become easier and more familiar to you. As you learn to feel and interpret the subtle messages from your physiology, you will gain a powerful understanding of how to heal yourself and transform your life.

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