This retreat will be an opportunity for us to connect deeper with ourselves and with the world around.

We will use the practice of HEART-MINDfulness, a unique two-wing approach of HEART and MIND to explore its power for healing, transformation and nourishment.



This special retreat will be held 30th December 2021 – 3rd January 2022 at Claridge House, a charming Victorian Quaker building set in two acres of gardens in the Surrey countryside.

For further information and booking, please CLICK HERE or call on: 01342 832 150

Five Steps to Vitality, Fulfilment & Happiness

You will learn and practice HEART-MINDfulness skills and techniques including communication skills, mindfulness meditation, movement meditation, energy yoga, inner enquiring and much more.

There will be creative, fun and interactive mindfulness exercises as well as time for meditation and deep relaxation.

The 5 step programme helps you integrate HEART-MINDfulness principles, techniques and practices into your every day work and life, helping you lay the foundation or deepen your practice for your path toward inner peace, joy and wellness.

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