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There are hardly any words that could describe the power of healing Lotus is channeling to one’s body, heart and soul.

From the very first touch I immediately knew this not an ordinary massage or treatment. The intensity of energetic flow Lotus directed through her heart and hands to my body was at first almost unbearable. But at that moment I was not yet aware that these are only my deepest emotional blocks and stored traumas fighting for their survival, trying to hold together the very structure they built throughout my life.

All tensions and resistance gradually melted away with every press and stroke Lotus made. Lotus does not only massage away all blocked tissues and stored emotions deep inside of your organs.

During the treatment she loves you in your entirety. She awakens that little child that lives inside of you and caress it with overwhelming amounts of love and compassion.

Coming with no prior expectations, I was stunned to witness my body shaking in tremendous waves of energies and sensations, in a beautiful mix of pain, pleasure and bliss.

Never would I believe there are layers of hidden anger deep inside of me until those were released in continuous streams with every careful but firm press Lotus was applying in the right places of my body.

So what are the takeaways? Surely it varies from person to person. Whether you are coming with physical pain, emotional stress, or desire to find inner peace and happiness, the effects of this treatment can be truly miraculous.

For me, the single session with Lotus triggered an avalanche of higher consciousness states and inner transformations I never thought could be possible for me to experience.

My mind is so much calmer and my meditation moved to entirely new dimension, with the aware presence of the entire moment meditating through me. My energetic channels started opening within few days after the session, throwing me gradually to an incredible states of euphoria and bliss day after day.

Lotus, I thank you from the deepest place in my heart.

For anyone who is thinking to give it a try, just listen to your inner calling. You will know where my words coming from when I say that Lotus is a pure angel.

Thomas P (Male, 30's)

Computer Science

The session itself was the most loving, compassionate, sacred experience I’ve ever had. I felt truly loved, very seen, and fully cared deeply for every single minute. Lotus was immensely supportive and communicated with such grace, intuitively reading my responses and body with loving kindness and full respect the entire time.

I have never done anything like this before – the tension release was instantaneous with every move, every gentle direction, and though immensely painful and intense at times, it was the PERFECT place for letting go of years, and years, and years of suppressed emotion and pain. The body really does keep the score, and Lotus is extremely well informed in all this.

It didn’t feel weird – I felt loved in the most unconditional and agenda free way, her approach is ALL about healing, and she has a certain very special magic to her, where she understands and creates space for ALL of what your body and you feel, responding constantly across over five hours with the deepest of love and attention.

I have CPTSD and I have never felt more grounded, balanced and aware of my body – ever. Parts of me came back ‘online’ within seconds of certain releases and movements. I fully surrendered and I have the utmost respect for Lotus for bringing forward this incredibly special, effective and valuable work to the world.

She is a really devoted practitioner and I’ve never felt so safe. Thank you so immensely much.

Seanin M (Female, 30's)

Energy Worker, Blogger, Coach

Lotus provided me the opportunity to sink deep into my body and emotions. Her attentive care and presence allowed me to feel safe and supported and enabled me to let go, to just be with the present experience and also make peace with past experiences.

I left feeling totally nourished as well as being fully grounded with a mental clarity and sense of well being and a healthy perception of my masculinity.

Jason B (Male, 40's)

Artist, Massage Therapist

My session was timeless; Lotus tuned into me perfectly.

Overall, the experience was quite magical. A totally meaningful and blissful session. It was as if we were one being.

Lotus managed to hold me during deep realising and supported me to go as far as I could whilst never pushing me past my limit. When I felt to pause or stop, even though there was more blocked energy there, she followed my wish.

She was like an angel from heaven grounding me with pleasure into my body. This was an extremely healing experience where all aspects of myself where safely seen, held and integrated back into myself.

There are no words to convey my huge appreciation for her capacity to show love and awaken the goddess within.

Helen T (Female, 40's)


Lotus combines both Mindfulness and Tantric massage to give a truly wholesome Tantric massage. I was treated with the upmost loving care and felt safe and held emotionally throughout the session. 

After the session, I felt euphoric, cleansed and energised. The days after, I continued to release and my body enjoyed a new sense of stillness. I felt grounded, deeply calm and quietly creative.

I wished I had known about Lotus and HeartMindful Tantra years ago. 

Sheila S (Female, 50's)


Lotus competently delivered a truly wonderful experience that will never be forgotten.

Anthony C (Male, 30's)


Lotus is an exceptional being and practitioner. Highly intuitive and extraordinarily empathetic, her energy work is second to none.

I felt not only emotionally held but that my emotional processes were being felt, understood and even shared by her at a deep level. I felt at one point that she was in an androgynous state, embodying both Shiva and Shakti which was extraordinary and beautiful.

Karsai points were excellent and Lotus has a very good touch. Her energy work is superb she has a real affinity for this; I was having energy orgasm on the back for about half an hour, combined with some emotional release. Very powerful work.

Miranda M (Female, 30's)


Lotus is confident, strong and loving.

I felt more grounded but also very open. My emotions were much more immediate to me and I felt light and more spontaneous. I continue to feel the benefits, especially in a greater ease with other people and more emotionally honest.

Whether you are new to this form of massage or more experienced, you will be very satisfied.

Andrew P (Male, 50's)


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With a heart full of love and an attitude of care, the message to the world from Lotus is “Peace & Love” – She is an absolute delight.

She has very good knowledge of Mindfulness and Tantra, which complement each other. Her theoretical knowledge in these fields is backed up by excellent practical skills. Every aspect of the session was perfect. There was never a moment of doubt of her capable nature.

What the world needs is a few more people like Lotus. I hope she continues to thrive and spread the love in her heart to all those who wish to experience and share that pure love.

Raj R (Male, 70's)

Retired Teacher

Lotus was very professional and mindful.

I felt very relaxed and comfortable with the session. It brought up some emotional traumas, which is helping me reflect and release afterwards.

Lotus is a gifted healer and would recommend her skills and talented caring approach.

John C (Male, 40's)


Lotus is a very special Healer/Trainer/Teacher. I have received therapeutic massages before from other “tantra” practitioners, but Lotus is in a league of her own.

Lotus is a complete package. Lotus’s breath work, eye gazing, sensual touch, knowledge of human physiology, which is integrated into the spiritual healing of our broken souls.

Lotus is very humble, but you soon realize her incredible wisdom, knowledge that she offers, and has implemented into her own walk of life. Spending time with Lotus will always add value to your life.

Byron V (Male, 50's)


After having had some earlier experiences with mental and spiritual forms of therapy – both as a giver and receiver – I had an overwhelming HEART-MINDful Tantra session with Lotus, which will strongly influence my life and for which I will always be grateful.

Unlike mental methods – such as kinesiology, family constellations, (auto-)hypnosis – the HEART-MINDful session directly touched my body’s memory and released blockages with energies flowing through Lotus’ hands, involving every muscle, every organ and every gland, every pressure point and every meridian.

Another difference to my previous experience was that the area of the first two chakras was also included. For the first time the blockages of the root and genital area were manually treated, which gave me particularly intense, joyful and painful, releasing emotions that twisted and moved my whole body for minutes. It was as if I was surfing out of our space into higher spheres somewhere.

When I speak of sexual healing here, it means that my prostate and lingam were actually involved in the session, but this was never even close to the ordinary sexual massage that is commonly known.

The journey took so long and me so far away from my daily challenges and loads that I hoped I could enjoy it even longer. On my return to this world, Lotus continued to care for me with gentleness and empathy as she did throughout the entire session.

I experienced Lotus as a warm-hearted, caring, compassionate, comforting and loving therapist who, despite the intimate nature of the work, was able to stay in her energy with consciousness and respect.

Thank you very much for this colossal experience between time and space, which I can only recommend to everyone.


Joachim D (Male, 60's)


Since I was very convinced during and after my first meeting with Lotus I recently had another session with her. Here I want to share my impressions again.

Thanks to her professional HEART-MINDful Tantra massages Lotus could open doors to hidden experiences and traumata, which are stored in my body-memory. With her excellent intuition she could support me in the process of understanding and releasing feelings of pain and guilt.

Intensive bodywork moved me into a quite vulnerable state where suddenly solutions appeared in me as if by themselves. Like in a trance I could consider options and exchange them with Lotus.

Finally, the full channel of “mind+heart+subconscious” was open and the developed solutions stayed present in me. Now I am on my way to healing my traumatized inner child and even my ancestors’ by regular meditation and self-hypnosis sessions.

In the meantime – 12 weeks later – I feel very self-convinced in my self-healing process.

For me Lotus combines the best of Tantra, Tao, and Buddhism in an intelligent, heartful and bodily way.

Joachim D (Male, 60's)


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