The session was rich, intense and blissful…  I felt completely rejuvenated, spiritually, physically, mentally and emotionally.

Lotus is an effective and communicative practitioner in her line of work, and passionately connects to the ethos and philosophy that defines the delivery of her practice and mindfulness coaching.

The excellence of the work Lotus provides is evidenced through her communication of ideas and concepts (e.g. of mindfulness, and/or mind-body connection), her listening and understanding, and genuine level of professionalism maintained throughout the session I received (e.g. I felt that Lotus had a very good mastery of emotional contact throughout the therapeutic relationship, and remained in control of what appears to be a very advanced, and intricate process.)

Lotus integrated HEART-MINDfulness within the session, such as through deep listening, mindful speech and connection, which was a wonderfully insightful experience. This allowed me to feel fully comfortable and talk at ease – Lotus shows natural intuition. This integration is particularly valued, because it indicates that the client/person is objectively fully acknowledged and fully understood, and within an emotionally secure environment. This does come very naturally to Lotus, and as a result I feel honoured to have had her time.

Lotus has a beautiful way of explaining the ideas behind the practice, and is a very good listener. Thorough explanation given beforehand, and delivery of massage was excellent, clearly an advance level of therapeutic skills; I felt in very safe hands, and also well guided throughout the process. 

The nature of the session was rich, intense and blissful. The length of the session allowed me to deeply relax and focus on the ‘here and now’ moment, what felt like an hour turned out to be many more hours! This is a good outcome, because the session also allows oneself to connect to the present, and detach away from preoccupation/worries of future and past. No part was too intense, albeit the discharge of locked emotion through certain pressure points requires oneself to embrace pain, rather than avoid it, which is necessary in order to discharge the locked emotion.

The session also had a long lasting impact, in that my body felt cleansed and detoxed for a number of days. Afterwards, I felt completely rejuvenated, spiritually, physically, mentally and emotionally. The session had a long-lasting impact, and thus has both short term and long term effects.

As a great believer in the philosophy behind the session, I truly feel the benefit both mentally and physically, I genuinely see an avenue of potential with this line of work, and with the correct development, this will bring a lot of happiness and benefit to many people.

Important to note is that this whole process is transformative, and allows the individual to raise their level of consciousness. The session (and Lotus) allows you to embrace all aspects of your physical being, both negative and positive, painful and blissful. It is important for people to recognise this session as a means of awakening between the mind-body relationship, not merely another form of therapy aimed at confronting trauma and/or painful emotion.

I could not have asked for a kinder, genuine person to receive such an experience from, an experience that will stay with me forever.

Anthony Colin

[BSc] in psychology & [MSc] in neuroscience , Works in Psychiatric Care as an HCA and Acute Sussex Hospital

… This session provided me with everything I hoped for and more. A beautiful transformational experience….

Where had you been before the session? i.e how did you feel, what was your challenge?

I chose this Tantra session with Lotus as part of a healing process I have undertaken following the break-up of my marriage earlier this year. As a 57 year old man with a ten year old son, I brought many mixed feelings about both the marriage and other aspects of my life (especially those from my youth relating to my sexuality) to the session. I was conscious of this and optimistic that the session would help me achieve some personal growth through release of some of these feelings.

 What was the change during the session?

As soon as Lotus initiated the session, I felt the release begin. It was a very powerful and revelatory experience for me. Wave after wave of strong emotion swept through me as we worked together with touch and eye contact. While there were a lot of tears as old grief came to the surface, the whole thing actually felt very clear and wonderful and right. I think the changes that this session has triggered in me (along with other soul-work I have been doing) will unfold over a long time, but for now I would say the single-most transformational aspect was to experience extreme sexual joy and connection without needing or having to ejaculate. Instead I was able to enjoy an amazing variety of whole-body sensations, some very erogenous and pleasurable and others that allowed the release of long-held pain. That shift from a goal-centred drive towards genital climax to an expanded sexuality that is constantly centring itself in the moment and in the whole person was just so enlightening – and also affirming for me as a man because I was able to manifest a strong and open-hearted sensual vitality and passion that I have largely only felt in potential till now and hardly at all with a partner.

 What was one of your favourite aspects of the session?

Where to start! I really admire the way that Lotus has combined (at least) four different practices to make this practice what it is: Buddhist mindfulness and compassion; Taoist body work with the different organs; Thai-style deep-tissue massage; and sensual Tantric touch. The most moving aspect for me was the quality of eye contact. Lotus has a steadiness, strength, understanding and warmth that allowed me to feel totally relaxed, accepted and welcomed within clear boundaries. This was a unique experience for me, a fantastic way to connect to myself and to another human being.

Since the session, what are some of the tangible results you’ve experienced in your life?

There have been two main results I’ve noticed: one more immediate and the other more long-term.

The immediate change is simply a sharpening of my aliveness to the world around me, both the natural world and the created-creative world: sights, sounds, smells, touch, music, all kinds of things have been triggering emotional responses and moments of understanding and appreciation. It is truly the experience of a dormant or half-dead side of me awakening at last. This has been an ongoing process in recent months and years, but my single HEART-MINDFUL Tantra session with Lotus has definitely helped it along!

The other change relates to a quest I have been aspiring to for a few years now to reboot my sexuality in a conscious, mindful way. Unfortunately, a deteriorating marital relationship has not allowed me to pursue this as I would have wished. Although my wife and I did try to mend our marriage, it did not work out in the end, and we are now amicably separated. This has meant that I can now explore in my own way. Following my session with Lotus I am much more confident that if and when I meet someone who is right for me I will be able to engage the physical side of our relationship in a positive, joyful and deeply bonding way.

This session provided me with everything I hoped for and more. A beautiful transformational experience. I would highly recommend Lotus Nguyen.

Jamie Crawford

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