Are you frustrated for not achieving what you want in your life? Growing your business, finding love, getting a new career, losing weight or getting your children to behave better…
No matter what obstacles you are facing, Lotus will help you sail you through stormy weather from the land of struggle to the land of happiness!

Join Us For a Happiness Breakthrough Weekend!
19 May – 21 May 2017

This weekend will be an opportunity for us to connect deeper with ourselves and with the world around. We will use the practice of mindfulness to explore its power for healing, transformation and nourishment. There will be creative, fun and interactive mindfulness exercises as well as time for meditation and deep relaxation.

Lotus Nguyen – Mindfulness Teacher, Mentor and Coach

Lotus Nguyen is also offering you special sessions to help you embark on an exploration to rediscover yourself. We will work together to:

▪ Reconnect with your heart and discover what it really desires. Create a crystal clear vision for your “dreamed island” so you know exactly what you want, where you are headed, and what you need to do to make it happen.

▪ Uncover hidden challenges and obstacles that may be causing you stressed, slowing down your progress or sabotaging your health, relationships and happiness.

▪ Rekindle your passion, re-energize, and inspire you to finally achieve the change that you seek and live the life that you dream of.

Along this exploration, Lotus will share with you her mindfulness blueprint to help you sail successfully toward your dreamed island.

Lotus is a true inspiration whose courses and retreats provide opportunity for real transformation in life. I work as a yoga teacher and feel blessed to have come across such a truly dedicated healer, that she channels through the practice of mindfulness. I cannot recommend her enough – if you want to transform your life then get in touch with her right now! – Ceri Lee, Yoga Teacher, Yoga Light

This retreat will be held at the weekend May 19th – 21st at Claridge House, a charming Victorian Quaker building set in two acres of gardens in the Surrey countryside.

For further information and booking, please click here or call on: 01342 832 150

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