You say Mindfulness is a continuous practice for you and a way of life. Can you tell me a bit more about what you mean by this?

Mindfulness is a continuous practice because the moment I stop being mindful, I drift off into my thoughts or operate on my automatic pilot. I can get caught up in my own thoughts and lose touch with the world around me. I am unaware of what I think, do or say and my actions can bring unfavorable consequences.

When I am mindful, I stay present. Instead of merely going through the motions, I am consciously connecting with and engaging in the here and now experience. I am able to catch my own unpleasant thoughts and painful emotions and replace them with positive ones. I am able to accept myself and love myself. I am clearer in my thinking and can make better decisions. I have more concentration and therefore my performance is more effective. I am more tolerant and skilful in my relationships with others. I am particularly aware of what is going on inside my body and I can intervene in time to take better care of my health. I experience calm and peace. I am solid and stable to face the challenges in my life. I deliberately create joy and happiness in my daily life. Ultimately, I experience a sense of well-being in my body, mind and spirit, and I live life fully and deeply in each moment.

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