How we see and hold the full range of our experiences in our hearts and in our minds makes an enormous difference in the quality of this journey we are on and what it means to us. It can influence where we go, what happens, what we learn, and how we feel along the way. ~ Jon Kabat Zinn, Founder of Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction

The Two Wings of Heart & Mind

The Two Wings of Heart & Mind

Spreading happiness is the art of listening with both our heart and our mind. Listening in this way, either to our own inner thoughts and feelings or to those of another, makes available resources of knowledge and understanding, compassion and intuition. These qualities create actions that are tuned to what is needed, and that are responsive to the changing circumstances of our lives.

This eight week foundation course looks at our relationship to our own hearts and minds and invites us to learn how to connect with and call upon our own energies of loving kindness and pure awareness. Taking a holistic approach to our well-being and meditation, mindful dialogue and group sharing, the journey we will take moves from understanding ourselves to looking after ourselves and then extends outwards to our relationships in the world.

We are very happy to offer a free optional extra half hour session of Mindful Tango just before the start of our class. It is a wonderful opportunity for you to practice mindfulness with the Tango steps whilst learning and enjoying this beautiful dance. You need no previous experience.

Tango is a walking dance and if you bring mindfulness into the movement, it becomes a walking dance meditation. It is offered as a warm up before we start our class because the beauty of Tango is the connection. It asks you to be present, aware, alert and focused. These are the qualities of mindfulness. If you do not wish to try this out, you are very welcome to arrive anytime from 7.00 pm onward and sit down and enjoy the mindful tango movements of your colleagues.

Please contact us for more information.

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