Mindful Tango™

Mindful Tango, a new and novel way to make the deep connection to life for peace, joy and happiness.

Mindful Tango offers mindfulness training through Argentine tango and is created by Lotus Nguyen, a tango dancer and a mindfulness trainer and coach. She collaborates with David Bailey, a tango teacher based in London, and with other tango teachers to offer mindful tango workshops and retreats in the UK and around the world.

Mindful Tango helps tango dancers learn the practice of mindfulness, deepening their experience of the dance and create moments of profound happiness. For mindfulness practitioners, it helps reinforce and enhance their experience of mindfulness through the passion, fun and movement of Argentine Tango. For those who are new to both tango and mindfulness, it offers an opportunity for you to taste the beauty of tango and the power of mindfulness whilst making new connections.

Mindful Tango is the coming together of the stillness of the practice of mindfulness with all the movement, fun and passion of tango dancing. When you learn the art of mindful tango, you will learn the magic of finding peace whilst connecting deeply to yourself and to your own movement within life through the dance.

Mindful Tango helps enrich your life in many ways:

Mindful Tango helps you connect to your body, mind and spirit, and to the world around you and as the result you will feel more connected and fulfilled in your life.
Mindful Tango helps you train your mind to be more aware, alert and focused and therefore you will be better responsive on the dance floor or more productive at work.
Mindful Tango helps you gain confidence and dispel your fear or anxiety and therefore you will feel more at ease and find your peace of mind.
Mindful Tango helps you improve your communication skills as you interact with others and therefore you can create better understanding and bring harmony to your relationships.
Mindful Tango helps you find your purpose in life and reconnect to your values so that you don't get lost in this busy and stressful world.
Mindful Tango helps you develop your own insight so that you can deal with life challenges effectively.
Mindful Tango helps open your heart and mind and therefore you feel connectedness and love, the source of your soul survival.
Mindful Tango helps you be present, engage deeply in your experience and savour the moment so that you feel more satisfied and fullfilled.
Mindful Tango helps you get in touch with yourself so that you can take care of your health and well-being.

Come and experience the beauty of Argentine Tango, explore the power of Mindfulness and make the deep connection to your life. After a day of workshop, you will go away with a blissful experience and new possibilities for peace, joy and happiness.

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