HEART-MINDful Tantra Treatment Card for Women

Stages of the session may vary from client to client and from session to session. Stages may not be consecutive and a client can start and finish the session at any stage:

Establishing connection and trust:

  • Consultation time, explaining the features and benefits of HEART-MINDful Tantric sessions, including possible reactions after the session. The practitioner will go through your consent form with you. 
  • Taking a shower to wash off negative emotions and to relax the body (towels and sarong are provided).

Tantric connection rituals:

Exploring tantric rituals to establish trust, connection and unconditional love with your practitioner, through eye gazing and giving and receiving touch. Other rituals may be added in the later sessions.


Deep full bodywork using oil massage on a naked body will be given for the purposes of emotional detox, in a safe and sacred healing space. This may include Yoni (internal and external vagina) massage, if consent is given in advance.

HEART-MINDful Tantric bodywork can be carried out fully clothed and without a Yoni massage if you prefer. However, the Yoni massage is the most important and special feature of the whole process because according to experts, eighty percent of trauma and stress is stored in the sexual and digestive organs.

We use three key to help release stagnant emotions – breathwork, sound and body movement. As you relax your body and mind, you may go into a deep trance-like-state, which is when healing begins and emotions start flowing.

After a series of Yoni massages, you may let go to release Amrita (female ejaculation) together with a flood of emotions that was held for many years. This will help you to unload many long held negative imprints, stuck in the pelvis due to suppression and denial. It will help you to deeply connect with your feminine side of your body to open up fully to enhance your sexuality. The objective of the yoni healing process is to help women find their inner power and divine beauty within them.

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