What is HEART-MINDfulness?

Heart-MindHEART-MINDfulness is a mindfulness system based on the two-wing approach of Heart and Mind, the four-step process POVA (Present, Observation, Value, Action), daily mental actions Mind Gardening (Grounding, Weeding, Cultivating, Nurturing),  and the Mindful Pause based on 5 Rs meditation formula (Recognize, Release, Relax, Reflect, Refresh).

Mindfulness means paying attention to life’s experiences as they really are in the present moment. It is associated with openness and non-judgment, with patience and acceptance, without bias or expectation, without clinging to our pleasant experiences or rejecting our unpleasant ones and with flexibility of attention on different aspects of our experience. mindfulness symbol

HEART-MINDfulness enables us to become more aware of our behaviour and interaction, respond skillfully to events in our lives and to past patterns of behaviour, and act consciously in line with our values. It enables us to face life’s ups and downs with more equanimity, encountering less stress and confusion and experiencing more joy and inner peace.

What are the benefits of HEART-MINDfulness?
• Connect to your body, mind and spirit, and to the world around you: you will feel more alive.
• Train your mind to be more aware, alert and focused: you will be more responsive, flexible and productive.
• Gain confidence and dispel your fears or anxieties: you will feel more at ease and find your peace of mind.
• Improve the effectiveness of your communication skills as you interact with others: create better understanding and bring harmony to your relationships at home and at work.
• Find your deep purpose in life and reconnect to your values so you don’t get lost in this busy and stressful world.
• Develop your own insight so you can always effectively deal with life’s challenges.
• Open your heart and mind so you can connect with your true self.
• Get in touch with yourself so you can take care of your health and well-being.
• Become present, engage deeply in your experience and savour the moment so you feel more satisfied and fulfilled.

HEART-MINDfulness training develops conscious awareness and focused attention as well as cultivating compassion and loving kindness.

Taster Workshop: a tailor-made introduction to Mindfulness, for a group of up to 100 people. Apart from learning about the HEART-MINDfulness system, delegates train in a couple of Mindfulness practices and receive tips to continue the practice in their daily life. This is a great way to introduce people to Mindfulness – dispelling myths and giving attendees the information needed to decide if they would like to commit to our 4-week programme.  Click here for an example of a Taster Workshop or Contact us for further information.


Tailor-made 4-Week Programme. The training consists of 4 full day group sessions and individual practice over a period of one month or two months.

  • The full day group session offers a deep dive into the HEART-MINDfulness programme both theoretically and experientially within a supportive and safe environment. opportunities for  both theoretical and experiential learning.
  • During this programme, individuals apply the techniques daily with supporting materials and flexibility

By the end of this course, the participants will have a good working knowledge of effective techniques and skills that can give them a competitive edge and enhanced wellbeing.


Weekend Retreat. Take a long mindful pause to learn and practice with other supportive mindful fellows in a beautiful and peaceful centre, the Claridge House. Click here for more information on past, current and future events.


Tailor-made Training, Mentoring and Coaching: Contact us for a free consultation.