I am Lotus Nguyen.

I am the creator of the HEART-MINDfulness system which is designed to assist professionals, entrepreneurs and executives who are under constant pressure and who struggle to find enough quality time in their lives. Through HEART-MINDfulness training, I help clients tap into their inner resources and unleash their power to effectively deal with life’s challenges and to experience more peace, joy and fulfillment in their daily lives both at work and at home.

I know the challenges that busy men and women face, particularly in this fast changing, highly demanding and stressful world we live in today. Born in Saigon, I have been an entrepreneur since my teenage years when I had to become the family’s breadwinner after the end of the Vietnam war. There were times when I experienced tremendous hardship and even risked my life, yet I managed to both work and finish school with the highest grades including a national prize in physics.

After I graduated from Hochiminh City’s Pedagogy University, I was offered an opportunity to work for a television company in the UK. I then created my own independent production company and worked as a director / producer making documentaries for British and international broadcasters for fifteen years. It was an exciting but also challenging time for me, being uprooted and having to make a new life in a new country. My Buddhist background as a meditator since the age of twelve kept me connected with my heart values and allowed me to get through the toughest times with kindness and compassion.

It was not, however, until I encountered mindfulness as taught by the Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh at his monastery in Plum village that my life was truly transformed. Mindfulness deepened my understanding of myself and the world around me. I was able to find the perfect balance of Eastern philosophy and Western lifestyle. Since then I have dedicated my life to mastering the art of applying the ancient practice of mindfulness for modern day impact.

timeMindfulness has scientifically been proven to be a powerful tool for productivity, healing and wellbeing. Originating from Buddhism, it has been taken on wholeheartedly by the West and has grown exponentially in many areas of life from hospitals to schools, from sports to wellness, from individual practices to corporate management. According to The Economist magazine (November 16, 2013) ’Mindfulness can be found in every corner of the corporate world.’ It is already used by Google, eBay, Twitter, GlaxoSmithKline, the British Civil Service and many more. These organizations have recognised the many benefits of mindfulness and have incorporated it into their operations.

However, I feel that while Western mindfulness-based approaches are beneficial in their own rights, they focus on the outer symptoms and do not address the underlying causes. Dealing with the roots of our deep unhappiness is the basis of Buddhism. As a long term Buddhist practitioner, I have come to understand the Buddhist essence and use it as a strategy for my personal and professional life in the West. My aspiration is to reconnect mindfulness to its roots while making it relevant to modern daily life, easy to understand and simple to practice.

I spent two years tossing and turning at night thinking of a way to combine the scientific approach with the 2500-year-old wisdom into one single system that all can understand and relate to. I dived deeply into Buddhism as well as Western psychotherapies like Mindfulness-based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) and Life Coaching. With my own experience and insights coming out of my practice, I have created the Heart-Mindfulness™ system that provides a comprehensive and skillful strategy for a stress-free, successful and happy life.

I also aspire to share mindfulness in a fun, creative and interactive way so I have created Mindful Tango offering simple tools and techniques to apply HEART-MINDfulness into the passion, fun and movement of Argentinean Tango, one of the world’s great dance forms.

mindful tango
Mindful Tango

With HEART-MINDfulness or Mindful Tango training, you:
• Connect to your body, mind and spirit, and to the world around you: you will feel more alive.
• Train your mind to be more aware, alert and focused: you will be more responsive, flexible and productive.
• Gain confidence and dispel your fears or anxieties: you will feel more at ease and find your peace of mind.
• Improve the effectiveness of your communication skills as you interact with others: create better understanding and bring harmony to your relationships at home and at work.
• Find your deep purpose in life and reconnect to your values so you don’t get lost in this busy and stressful world.
• Develop your own insight so you can always effectively deal with life’s challenges.
• Open your heart and mind so you can connect with your true self.
• Get in touch with yourself so you can take care of your health and well-being.
• Become present, engage deeply in your experience and savour the moment so you feel more satisfied and fulfilled.

My mindfulness work has been featured in The Everyday Urban Spiritual, Kindred Spirit, and Dance Today. I have also co-written a best-selling book on Amazon called Rapid Change for Heart-Centered Women.

Book - Rapid Change for Heart-Centered Women, Co-Author Lotus Nguyen
Book – Rapid Change for Heart-Centered Women

I am passionate about creating peace and joy every single day and sharing this amazing way of living with others. Mindfulness has helped me to take challenges and obstacles in my stride so that I can avoid stress and enjoy life to the full and I am committed to helping others discover this for their lives too.

If you are busy and find it difficult to sit still to meditate or feel overloaded with information, I have created a training program that suits your busy lifestyle delivering bite-sized lessons, helping you to incorporate mindfulness into your daily activities.

Contact me and make a fresh commitment to your happiness and well-being today!

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