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HEART-MINDfulness™ Training & Coaching

The Ultimate Stress Buster Guide

Four Mindful Steps To Harness The Power of Your Mind for Inner Peace, Productivity and Happiness.

Five Minute Mindful Pause

Pause mindfully to release, relax and refresh - a guided meditation.

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30 Day Jumpstart to Mindful Success

A series of online group coaching to help you get started with your HEART-MINDful journey to wellness, success and happiness.

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Who We Are?

I am passionate about creating peace and joy every single day and sharing this amazing way of living with others.

Lotus Nguyen is a mindfulness trainer, mentor & coach. She is also a co-author of the internationally published book Rapid Change for Heart-Centered Women and the creator of the HEART-MINDfulness™ system.

The Power of HEART-MINDfulness™

Vitality * Productivity * Happiness

“To free yourself from deep unhappiness and fly like a bird, you need two wings: a wing of loving kindness and a wing of pure awareness. The combination of the two wings – Heart and Mind – enables you to face life’s ups and downs with calmness and resilience. You will encounter less stress and confusion, increase performance and productivity, and experience more inner peace and joy.” ~ Lotus Nguyen, Creator of HEART-MINDfulness

HEART-MINDfulness is a comprehensive and effective mind training system based on the scientifically proven Western approach of mindfulness with the 2600 year-old Buddhist wisdom.

It is a holistic approach dealing with not just the symptoms but also the root causes of our deep unhappiness, helping us to feel more alive, fulfilled and happy.

The HEART-MINDfulness™ Programmes

Through various workshops, retreats, courses and coaching, our programmes take you on a mindful journey offering three levels of training from establishing your foundation of mindfulness practice to deepening your practice and finally expanding yourself.

Level 1: Growing Wings (Connecting to Heart and Mind)

Level 2: Diving Deep (Deepening Connection to Heart and Mind)

Level 3: Flying High (Expanding Heart and Mind)

Workshop: Happiness Breakthrough

Are you ready to reduce stress, have peace of mind & increase vitality? HAPPINESS BREAKTHROUGH: Mindful Journey to HAPPINESS & WELL-BEING Date: Monday, August 14th 2017 Time: 7.30 pm to 9.30 pm Venue: Cornerstone Centre, Church Road, BN3 2FL Hove, United Kingdom On...

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Mindfulness Retreat: from Stress to Serenity

Are you under pressure and find it difficult to have quality time? Do you feel frustrated, lack of energy or uninspired? You deserve a bit of "me-time"! This retreat could be perfect for you. Lotus will assist you in bringing serenity into your busy lifestyle, helping...

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Our Happy Clients

Says About Us

A weekend retreat with Lotus was a life-changing experience. I have connected so deeply with her mindfulness teaching that it has given me the confidence and spirit to incorporate it into my daily life. ~ Barbara Earl

Lotus is a true inspiration whose courses and retreats provide opportunity for real transformation in life. I work as a yoga teacher and feel blessed to have come across such a truly dedicated healer, that she channels through the practice of mindfulness. I cannot recommend her enough – if you want to transform your life then get in touch with her right now!

Ceri Lee

Yoga Teacher, www.yoga-light.com

This course has changed my life. It has provided me with gentle, loving guidance on how to use compassion and kindness in my relationships and with myself.

Emma Coleman

Drama Teacher, Woolwich Polytechnic School, www.woolwichpoly.co.uk

Lotus is one of our 12 hand-picked talented health and well-being professional life coaches. Her excellent HEART-MINDfulness workshops delivered with passion and skills have inspired many delegates adopting mindful behaviour and habits and reaping the benefits. I myself have noticed an improvement in my leadership skills and resilience to dealing with stress. Lotus also possesses outstanding communication skills and the special ability of a coach to help her clients transform and grow.

Brian Urwin

Managing Director, Think Healthy Me

Enabling deep transformation with the Power of HEART-MINDfulness™

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