HEART-MINDful Qigong

Emotional Release with HEART-MINDful Qigong

A new holistic approach to healing, vitality and happiness

Emotional Release with the HEART-MINDful Qigong is a particular therapeutic method incorporating the new scientific eye movement EMDR (Eye Movement, Desensitisation and Reprogramming) within the foundational Taoist practices with loving consciousness.

This special therapy heals traumas or unresolved disturbing issues as well as revitalises the body, mind and spirit.

The process disconnects past experiences in the brain from the main bodily organs where emotions are stored and blocked while the discharged emotions are recycled or transformed.

You can learn the technique and heal yourself with the practice.



Based on the Fundamental Practices of the Universal Healing Tao, powered with the HEART-MINDfulness™, the HEART-MINDful Qi Gong takes you through internal journeys into being one with yourself and the universe.

As you reconnect with your essence and learn to harness inner and outer energies, you grow to deepen and expand your loving consciousness of heart and mind.

It is a deeply transformative process whereby your whole being is becoming stronger, brighter and lighter overtime.

It is an on-going practice that will enable you to form new positive habits, become more resilient and enhance your vitality.

You learn to integrate the essence of the practice into daily work and life for peace, joy and happiness.


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