For Students at Woolwich Polytechnic School


5 Day Jumpstart to Mindful Success

For Students at Woolwich Polytechnic School

A Personal Message to the Students of  Woolwich Polytechnic School

Hi! How are you doing?

It has been a while since I offered you the workshop on HEART-MINDful Pause.


What’s the HEART-MINDful Pause?

Do you remember what it is?


HEART-MINDful pause is a temporary stop to come back to the present moment and pay attention to body, feelings and thoughts with curiosity and kindness.


Do you know why it is important to practice theHEART-MINDful pause?

It’s because it is a powerful way to train your mind to help you reduce stress, manage difficult feelings and feel good.


Have you followed up on my lessons and practice the HEART-MINDful pause?

If you haven’t done it, I understand – it is not easy to train your busy mind.


Your mind is like a wild horse running all over the place. Rights?!

How do you conquer the wild horse of your mind?

Well, you need to train and tame it. To do that you need guidance, support and practice.

Now you learnt a bit on the day how to pause.

However, if you don’t learn more and practice it, that experience that you’ve had will just remain in your head and it doesn’t help you much at all.

Just like if you want to play a guitar, you can’t just learn to make the music from strumming a couple of strings once or twice.

You’ve got to take lessons and practice it for a while.


I care about you and really want you to succeed at school and in life.

So I have created this special programme for you to get started with your HEART-MINDful journey.


I am Introducing… the “5 Day Jumpstart to HEART-MINDful Success “
There are two things you can do in this programme.


Firstly, you can start a new routine of HEART-MINDful meditation.

It’s only five minutes long in the morning after you wake up and in the evening before you go to bed.

Meditation is a very powerful way to train the mind I’ll show you how to do it with my guided meditation.


Secondly, you can start journalling to strengthen your HEART-MINDfulness practice .

I will provide you with a template with prompts to show you what to write in your journal.

It’d take about 5 minutes and you can do that together with the meditation.


In the last training at your school, I mentioned about the 30 day challenge.

However, I feel it may be too much for you to take it all in one go.
So I narrow it down to just these two new important habits for your to focus and master them.


If you enjoy this 5 day Jumpstart Programme and want more support to continue with your HEART-MINDful journey, you can join the HEART-MINDful circle of like-minded friends who want to succeed at school and in life.

And I will make the effort to be there to help you.


Remember I am offering you this training with no string attached.

I just want to see you grow up a successful, kind and happy person.


So get onboard with this 5 Day Jumpstart to Mindful Success !

If you want to have inner peace, joy, success, and happiness, TAKE ACTION now before this offer is gone!


Click on the link below to TAKE THE CHALLENGE.

It will change your life!


I hope to see you on the inside and wish you all the best.