The HEART-MINDfulness™ Programmes

Through various workshops, retreats and courses, our programmes take you on a mindful journey offering three levels of training from establishing your foundation of mindfulness practice to deepening your practice and finally expanding yourself.

Level 1: Growing Wings (Connecting to Heart and Mind)

Level 2: Diving Deep (Deepening Connection to Heart and Mind)

Level 3: Flying High (Expanding Heart and Mind)

A HEART-MINDfulness Evening: Awaken Your Body’s Wisdom

A HEART-MINDfulness Evening: Awaken Your Body's Wisdom Monday 13th November, 7pm - 9pm Cornerstone Community Centre, Hove Establish, deepen and expand your mindfulness practice with the first foundation of HEART-MINDfulness of the Body. During this evening, you’ll...

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Mindfulness Retreat – Get Fit and Feel Good

Do you want to get fit, gain confidence, and feel good? In this weekend retreat we'll cover how to create new healthy mindful habits that stick. You can use these techniques to: Enjoy healthy food without feeling deprived Identify the causes of unhealthy eating habits...

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Workshop: Happiness Breakthrough

Are you ready to reduce stress, have peace of mind & increase vitality? HAPPINESS BREAKTHROUGH: Mindful Journey to HAPPINESS & WELL-BEING Date: Monday, August 14th 2017 Time: 7.30 pm to 9.30 pm Venue: Cornerstone Centre, Church Road, BN3 2FL Hove, United Kingdom On...

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Mindfulness Retreat: from Stress to Serenity

Are you under pressure and find it difficult to have quality time? Do you feel frustrated, lack of energy or uninspired? You deserve a bit of "me-time"! This retreat could be perfect for you. Lotus will assist you in bringing serenity into your busy lifestyle, helping...

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Stress Buster Workshop

Our mind is like a wild horse, driving us in different directions, most of the time to our own detriment. ~ Lotus Nguyen Organizer: Believe In You Date: Saturday 18th April, 2015, 10:00 am -  12:30pm (including networking) Location: Royal Temple Yacht Club, Westcliff...

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Weekend Retreat: Be the Kind Master of Your Mind

"A trained mind brings happiness; an untrained mind brings suffering." ~ Buddha This weekend is an opportunity to cultivate mindfulness and wisdom, to free yourself from your own sufferings and become the master of your own mind. This weekend will be led by Lotus...

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Weekend Retreat: Pause Mindfully into the Moment

November 21st - 23rd, 2014 Learn how to mindfully pause into the moment with the five Rs™: They will help you deal effectively with life’s challenges and find peace, joy and happiness in your daily life . It will be held at Claridge House, a Victorian building with...

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The Ultimate Stress Buster Guide

Four Mindful Steps To Harness The Power of Your Mind for Inner Peace, Productivity and Happiness.

Five Minute Mindful Pause

Pause mindfully to release, relax and refresh - a guided meditation.

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How To Catch The Invisible Thief That Steals Your Health and Happiness.

An online course to master your mind.

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Enabling deep transformation with the Power of HEART-MINDfulness™

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