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Reduce Stress in 5 Minutes

Take a MINDFUL PAUSE to come back to the moment, release the tension in your body and mind, relax and reenergise.

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Five Minute Mindful Pause - Guided Meditation

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Finding Peace in Chaos

    • Are you under a lot of pressures at work?
    • Do you feel overwhelmed for having so much to do?
    • Have you lost your edge a bit? Feeling less focused, energetic or patient?
    • Are you anxious or worried? Are your health and relationships affected as a result?
    • Or perhaps you are successful and yet somewhere in your heart, you feel something missing, lonely or discontent.

If that sounds familiar to you, then you will benefit from Heart-Mindfulness™training.

    • Feel grounded and resilient to deal with challenges effectively with clarity, calmness and wisdom.
    • Dispel your fear or anxiety and have peace of mind.
    • Become more aware, alert and focused so you are more creative and productive.
    • Bring harmony to your relationships with effective communication skills.
    • Feel more alive, fulfilled and satisfied.

Rapid Change for
Heart-Centered Women

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